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IPL Bracing
IPL Bracing Ply™

IPL bracing ply has been a household name and staple product in the construction of 1000s of NZ homes for the last 40 years. IPL bracing ply is manufactured to AS:2269 structural plywood standards – is BRANZ appraised and made here in New Zealand.

At a glance.

IPL Bracing Plywood™
  • 7mm DD Ply structural ply
  • BRANZ Approved
  • Site damage resistance (cross laminated construction)
  • Guaranteed quality via EWPAAProduct Certification Scheme
  • Bonded with durable ‘marine’ A bond
  • Easy and light to handle
  • Simple installation (gun nail to within 7mm of edges)
  • Simple installation (gun nail to within 7mm of edges)
  • High strength and stiffness in relatively short panels
  • Braces building frame during construction period
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
  • Super EO – less than 0.3mg/l AS/NZ Standard formaldehyde emissions
  • Use in conjunction with GIB board

Bracing BU Values.

Min Length (mm)
Wind (BUs/m)
Earthquake (BUs/m)
7mm Bracing Ply™ one side
7mm Bracing Ply™ one side
7mm Bracing Ply™ one side
7mm Bracing Ply™ both sides
7mm Bracing Ply™ both sides
Above P21 testing conducted on behalf of IPL by BRANZ
*Bracing panels must not exceed 120 BU/m when used on timber framed floor as per NZ3604:2011 Section 5.4.2

Structure & Wall Height

Used in conjunction with framing that complies with NZS 3604:2011 will meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Studs are at a maximum of 600mm centres - dwangs are not necessary for effective bracing but may be required for linings or claddings.7mm DD IPL Bracing Ply™ is structural plywood manufactured to AS/NZ 2269:2012. It is suitable for design of earthquake and wind bracing for timber framed buildings in accordance with design codes NZS 3604 or NZS 3603 andAS/NZS 1170. Use section 5 of NZS 3604 when adjusting bracing capacities for walls of varying heights. A part sheet can be installed above a full sheet, in this instance the part sheet must be nailed off using the same pattern as standard full sheet.


As IPL Bracing Ply™ is an integral part of the building structure it must be durable in each application i.e. have at least 50years durability rating. In interior dry applications (i.e. 18% moisture content or less) untreated IPLBracing Ply™ is acceptable for use. However, in applications where IPL Bracing Ply™ may be subject to wetting, dampness or condensation (basically where potentially the moisture content may exceed 18% for prolonged periods) IPL Bracing Ply™ must be preservative treated to at leastH3.2 hazard rating and fixed with non-corrosive fasteners (i.e.stainless steel or silicone bronze).

Exposure during construction

IPL Bracing Ply™ will withstand rain exposure for at least 3 months.The possible wetting may causes light buckling of panels but generally, after drying, there is close to full recovery and structural values will be retained.

Installation, Sheet Fasteners and Connections

IPL Bracing Ply™ is to be installed and fixed as per the building design, technical literature and safety data sheets. As plywood dimensions can vary with changes in ambient humidity and wetting during construction it is recommended to allow expansion gaps between adjacent panel edges of at least 2mm. The minimum fastener requirement for7mm IPL Bracing Ply™ is 50mmx 2.8mm dia hot dip galvanised flat head power driven or hand driven nails. In sea spray zone D, stainless steel annular groove or ringshank nails must be used. For bottom plate hold downs refer to GIB HandiBrac® installation instructions for correct installation and bolt types to be used for concrete and timber floors. Ground clearance must be as specified inNZBC Acceptable Solution E2/AS1.


IPL Bracing is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZ 2269. All sheets have IPL construction details/NZ standard/plant number and name on rear of sheets.The Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) audits our production processes to ensure we meet the requirements of the productStandard. This third party audited, process based, quality assurance scheme meets the requirements of an ISO Type 5 system for production certificate. The EWPAA is an accredited body to JAS - ANZ under registration No.Z1460695AB.

Fixing Diagrams.

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