A perfect mix of fine detailing and durability.

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EliteLine panelling brings back the warmth and good looks of real wood to your home or workplace with a high quality wood panel which combines the appearance of traditional tongue and groove timber lining with the strength of plywood.

At a glance.

  • Combines the appearance oftraditional tongue and groove timber lining with the strength of plywood
  • Clear S grade face
  • Light to handle and easy to work with
  • Ideal for interior wall panelling, feature walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, shopfittings, and commercial interiors
  • Superior strength and rigidity, resistant to impact and knocks

Technical details.

Sheet Cover (mm)
Edge Profile
Face Grade
Face Profile
Wood Species
2400 x 1200
Square Edge with half V groove
Select clean
4mm V groove at 100mm centres
Type A phenolic
Pinus Radiata
Available in LOSP H3.1
2400 x 1200
Tongue & groove with half V groove*
Select clean
4mm V groove at 100, 150, 200mm centres
Type A phenolic
Pinus Radiata
Available in LOSP H3.1


Punch nails, apply a clear, primer or sealer first coat and fill nail holes. There may be some fibre lift after the first coat which will require sanding.

Choose high quality paints, stains or clear coating systems to the manufacturers' specifications. Tinted clear finishes can be used to bring out the woodgrain effect.

For a natural timber look matt finishes and paints are recommended. If EliteLine is installed in wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries it should be protected by good quality coating systems.

If EliteLine is used as a soffit or porch lining LOSP H3.1 treated panels are recommended. Do not use where it is in all day sun as it is prone to sun checking (fine cracks caused by expansion & contraction).


Eliteline will come under section 3 of EarlyFire hazard Properties. To gain higher rating intumescent coating can be used. For technical information on these contact Firepro 09-579 2511.

Acoustics and Sound Insulation

Plywood is an excellent reflector of sound and using it on a double-sided partitioning wall will reduce the noise level being transmitted by approximately 35 decibels.

Product Warranty

IPL EliteLine carries a 12 month warranty against faulty materials or workmanship by the manufacturer to the extent of replacement of the product but not including any indirect or consequential loss subject to the provisions of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

This warranty applies only where the product has been used in accordance with the recommendations. Any defect must be advised to the manufacturer within 21 days of determination or from the day such defect should have become known.


Use 40 x 2.0 panel pins on 9mm and 12mm EliteLine. Nailing is to be placed at 150mm centres at edges and 300mm through centre of sheets. When using EliteLine in areas where there is likely to be moisture present allow expansion gaps for any moisture uptake.


Use No 8 gauge x 30mm for 9mm EliteLine and No 8 gauge 40mm for 12mm EliteLine. Use the same spacings as for nails. In exterior situations, use stainless steel screws.


EliteLine can be fixed using panel adhesives to manufacturers specifications in conjunction with nailing or by applying the adhesive and then keeping under pressure until the adhesive has cured.

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